"The Notorious JC (after Ferrucci)" 

24x30  Acrylic on Canvas  $650

"St. Martha"  8x10

​Acrylic on Board  $175

Welcome to my small corner of the web.  Below are works that are available for purchase.  Prices do not include shipping.  Please check out the gallery rooms to view these and other work of mine.  Thank you very much for visiting, and I hope you enjoy.

"Elk Skull"  20x24

​Oil on Canvas.  $430

"Wild Wine" - 15x30

Oil on Canvas.  $450

"Captain Picard"  16x20

   Oil on Canvas.  $300

"Vanishing Horses III" 24x18

Acrylic on Canvas.  $390

"Wizard's Revenge"  6 3/4 x 9

​Acrylic on Canvas  $100

"St. Agnes"  6 3/4 x 9 3/4

​  Acrylic on Wood.  $175

"St. Peter"  5 1/2 x 7 1/2

Acrylic on Wood.  $175

"A Mother's Love 2"  8x24

​Oil on Canvas  $190

"Patton"  16x20

Oil on Panel  $300

Realism.  Accuracy.  Detail.  And some different stuff.

"St. Gregory"  8x10

Acrylic on Board  $175

"Herd Immunity"  18x24

​Acrylic on Canvas  $390

"Praying Woman"  6 1/2 x  9 1/4

Acrylic on Wood  $175